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Graduating Tomorrow's Leaders

At the high school level, 196Online provides students opportunities to explore relevant, hands-on topics and look beyond the classroom and toward a future career path. Continuing with District 196’s mission of educating students to reach their full potential, our new 196Online school is a comprehensive online learning experience that carries forward the commitment to a high-quality education where students can explore the outer limits of their vast potential. 

Opening for 2021-22, 196Online will replace the 196 Digital Academy option, which was created to meet the pandemic-related emergency requirements. The goal of 196Online is to continue providing an online option with some modifications and enhancements from the former distance learning model. This learning model is grounded on delivering an equitable, personalized and flexible virtual learning community that builds relationships and inspires the growth and development of all learners.

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196Online is a Good Fit for High School Students Who:

  • are capable of working independently at their own pace;
  • have a designated space for learning; 
  • are persistent, self-motivated and disciplined; 
  • are able to practice consistently and can focus on an assignment even when it becomes challenging;  
  • are able to communicate with their teacher when they need assistance;
  • understand the importance of time management, and 
  • are comfortable learning in a virtual setting.
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How It Works

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