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The mission of 196Online is to provide an equitable, personalized and flexible virtual learning community that builds relationships, continues the District 196 “Triple A philosophy,” and inspires the growth and development of all learners. Rigor, relevance and relationships are the cornerstone elements of District 196 and of this comprehensive, fully virtual program that supports every learner in acquiring an on-time high school diploma and ready for career and post-secondary education. At the high school level, 196Online provides students opportunities to explore relevant, hands-on topics and look beyond the classroom and toward a future career path. Continuing with District 196’s mission of educating students to reach their full potential, our new 196Online school is a comprehensive online learning experience that carries forward the commitment to a high-quality education where students can explore the outer limits of their vast potential.

196Online is a Good Fit for High School Students Who:

  • are capable of working independently at their own pace;
  • have a designated space for learning; 
  • are persistent, self-motivated and disciplined; 
  • are able to practice consistently and can focus on an assignment even when it becomes challenging;  
  • are able to communicate with their teacher when they need assistance;
  • understand the importance of time management, and 
  • are comfortable learning in a virtual setting.

Expectations for Success

Overview of 196Online

The high school 196Online instructional model is more flexible than the traditional bell schedule.  Students in 196Online will spend time accessing and learning content, completing coursework and engaging in teacher feedback independently (asynchronously) at their own pace . There will also be live (synchronous) support provided each school day as described below: 

  • Weekly Advisory- Each week students will meet with their advisory teacher and fellow classmates where they will check in regarding daily academic tasks, connect as a community, and discuss strategies for learning in an online environment. 

  • Individual Advisory- Students will have an individual meeting with their advisory teacher once a month to connect and build relationships, check on progress and attendance, coach and provide feedback.

  • Academic Guided Groups- Blocks of time throughout the week will be used for scheduled content-area support sessions. These may be meeting together in whole groups, small groups, or individually based on the academic needs of students.  

  • Virtual Office Hours- Students will have the ability to connect with the teachers during office hours for any questions, to talk through coursework, and provide learning support. 

  • Messaging- Between students, teachers, and families within Schoology.  

Teachers will also be providing students with fair, frequent, and focused feedback to students around course assignments and projects.  The feedback will provide an opportunity for students to learn about misconceptions, clarify current thinking, see gaps between current understanding and desired performance, and/or offer opportunities for self-reflection. 

196Online staff from District 196 will be analyzing data around course completion rates, current grade status, and engagement on a weekly basis and making adjustments based on the data.

If your student has a 504 or other health plans, please contact

How It Works

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