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Foundational Learning in a Virtual Setting

The mission of 196Online is to provide an equitable, personalized and flexible virtual learning community that builds relationships, continues the District 196 “Triple A philosophy,” and inspires the growth and development of all learners. Rigor, relevance and relationships are the cornerstone elements of District 196 and of this comprehensive, fully virtual program that supports every learner in acquiring an on-time high school diploma and ready for career and post-secondary education.

196Online is a Good Fit for Elementary Students Who:

  • have an adult present at home to support learning and can act as a "learning coach";
  • have a designated learning space with minimal distractions where they can be successful;
  • are persistent, self-motivated and disciplined;
  • are comfortable with independent learning;
  • are able to communicate with their family and teachers when they need assistance;
  • understand the importance of time management, and 
  • are comfortable learning in a virtual setting.
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Tips for Success

Overview of 196Online

The elementary 196Online instructional model includes live (synchronous) instruction and connection over Zoom with the teachers and classmates, along with independent (asynchronous) work time for students. Students will have a daily schedule with a set start and end time along with a common lunch and recess for families to have a consistent time together.  The time students are live over Zoom may differ between grade levels, but may be up to 120 minutes a day in the following ways:

  • Morning Meeting- Time to connect with classroom teachers and peers to get ready for the day, build classroom community and engage in learning.

  • Literacy Workshop- This includes reading, writing, and word study through an integrated unit incorporating science and social studies. 

  • Math Workshop- This includes a math mini lesson, opportunities for guided practice, and independent work.

  • Specialists- Time to connect with one of the specialist teachers dedicated to 196Online such as physical education, music, and art.

  • Students will have the ability to connect with the teachers and ask questions during daily office hours provided by each teacher. 

  • Teachers will also be providing students with fair, frequent, and focused feedback to students around course assignments and projects.  The feedback will provide an opportunity for students to learn about misconceptions, clarify current thinking, see gaps between current understanding and desired performance, and/or offer opportunities for self-reflection.  

How will this be different from 196 Digital Academy?

Students will have live (synchronous) sessions with specialist teachers such as art, physical education and music. Students will also be provided an iPad with a Logitech crayon as part of the orientation process. Prior to the start of the 2021-22 school year, a Family Orientation will be included as part of assessment days to learn about the tools used for online learning (e.g. iPad, Schoology and Seesaw) along with the supports available throughout the year.  

196Online staff from District 196 will be analyzing data around engagement, activity/assignment completion, and understanding of standards on a weekly basis and making adjustments based on the data.

If your student has a 504 or other health plans, please contact

How It Works

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