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Flexible, equitable and personalized learning in a supportive virtual environment

196Online provides a comprehensive online learning experience and carries forward the commitment to a high-quality education where students can learn and grow, and is dedicated to help them explore the outer limits of their vast potential.  196Online has replaced the 196 Digital Academy option, which was created to meet the emergency pandemic-related requirements.

The development of the online school began in 2021 with over 60 staff members involved in full-day visioning sessions at the elementary, middle, and high school level.  Through these reflective conversations around a variety of topics and considerations (e.g. staffing, scheduling, co-curricular programs, equitable access, etc.) the groups developed foundational elements of 196Online focused on delivering an equitable, personalized, and flexible virtual learning community which builds relationships and inspires the growth and development of all learners.

Secondary Level

Highlights of 196Online

  • Our program provides a high-quality, rigorous, comprehensive and fully online learning experience.

  • Curriculum meets or exceeds all Minnesota state standards.

  • Students receive the structure of live academic learning opportunities while still maintaining the flexibility of completing work independently at on their own personal and academic schedule.

  • The program combines digitally delivered coursework with hands-on, tangible learning experiences.

  • An advisory program provides students with a dedicated staff person who checks in regularly regarding academic progress, social emotional connections, along with building connections with fellow students.Provides options and choices to keep students engaged with content that is relevant, authentic and meaningful.

  • Student voice is amplified through learning opportunities that are student directed.

  • All courses are facilitated by licensed Minnesota teachers.

  • All 196Online staff work in partnership to provide comprehensive support based on areas of need.

  • 196Online will establish partnerships with similar grade levels/departments at District 196 schools to provide an aligned learning experience.

  • Dedicated support staff to work with students and families, including counseling supports, technical assistance, cultural family advocates and specialized positions such as English Learner and special education.

A young boy sits at a computer during a virtual school lesson.